Monday, December 29, 2008

Google Documents

I've played around with Google docs several times before. This time, I found it useful to copy some recipes from my OWH RSS feeds so I can access them wherever I am. I also decided to start my son's "groom guest list" since he also uses gmail and this would be a convenient place for both of us to check and add to the list. March is definitely getting closer.

I've recommended Google docs to several patrons that don't bring removable storage media to the library. They can save documents they create here, using Google Documents to start out with or upload the documents they have created using our office software. The only problem is that Google docs can't upload docx file formats that Word 2007 creates. Since we have Office 2007, that makes it less convenient. Obviously, we can save documents so they open in older versions, but we have discovered that there is enough difference that the page layout can change when we save the 2007 documents that way. To avoid that problem, I've encouraged some people to save their document right away as a Word 97-2003 document. Of course, you lose some of the bells and whistles of the Office version.

Maybe as our library budgets get tighter, we will all have to use online applications and not pay for Microsoft licenses. Who knows!

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