Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Virtually Confused

I enjoyed exploring thing #20. I initially got sidetracked when exploring I'm Cooked under the food category after reading VC's blog post. I use Pandora all the time at home and find myself using that instead of playing CDs at home. You can't completely walk away from your computer when using Pandora because it will stop after awhile and post a little response window to make sure you are still listening. I exploring mapping applications for personal use but felt that besides offering little icons you could add to maps, the weddingplanner maps linked from Community Walk was more tutorial than anything else. I did send a link to that to my son's fiancee.

I wanted to find something that could be of use to people using our public computers for all of their computer needs. I decided to explore virtual computer applications under the category online desktop. The first choice, Zimdesk only opened to a development page for Version 2. I went to G.ho.st and created an account. The application moves pretty slowly. When I finally got to my desktop created by the program, I saw that it did have its own e-mail, links to zoho writer or google docs, google search and more. It seemed like a crowded and almost too colorful desktop, not my cup of tea. I couldn't see the value of the tool when you could access free applications for almost all of these things. Everything had slow response times-even figuring out how to calculator on the desktop was slow. I think I will pass on this tool!

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