Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wiki Wiki

I think I should really do this blog quickly because of the meaning of the word Wiki. The concept of wikis sounds great and a simple way to share and collaborate information. Hmm..maybe this would be the easiest way for exchanging thoughts with my son and fiancee about March wedding rehearsal plans. We could do a wiki.! The Wikis in Plain English made it look so easy, but when I look at the examples of existing wikis I feel intimidated by all of the information listed. Wow! I think the ALA example was a good example for a Wiki for a limited use-one location to find out all sorts of information about the conference but again, there was all sorts of information to go through.

I think I will feel more comfortable if I actually try using a wiki. I'm the new secretary/treasurer for the NLA Para section and we have exchanged lots of ideas using e-mails. I was told that it was part of my job to keep track of the discussions that go on between meetings and I felt that moment of panic, especially learning about it after we had already done bunches of e-mails. Having all of it in a wiki could be a better idea but we would all have to remember to constantly check the wiki. I already check my e-mail. This will definitely take more thought.

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