Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thinking about Library 2.0 and beyond

After reading the the different perspectives on Library 2.0, I feel that the term definitely should not just be just applied to technology. I think our libraries need to be constantly adapting to the changing needs of our consumers, as well as the continuing needs of our consumers which really vary from one consumer to another. Not all of our consumers want to be online, but many do, even though they don't have computers or Internet access in their homes. We have our savvy computer users but many of our computer users still need some "hand-holding" to use the services online and I'm glad our library keeps our computer center staffed for that purpose.

I like the idea that our library is friendly to social networking, whether that is on the web, or simply friendly areas for seating and conversation in the physical library. We need to keep materials available for consumers that like having a written book in their hands and also accomodate those who want a book on their MP3 player. I would love to see a cataloging system where readers could add their own tags to our collection.

As far as Internet social networking, I like knowing what's out there, although I doubt if I will utilize all of the sites myself-not enough time in a day! I will however, make suggestions to other people about using them, now that I know they are out there.

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