Monday, June 22, 2009

Thing # 25 Assignment 3: My Maps and More

Playing with creating my maps was really a super feature on Google and I would be tempted to call that my favorite. I started a map of our library and surrounding area but since I don't work with our website I decided to map our farm instead and then embedded it in my previous blog post. I was having way too much fun.

I uploaded a picture of my house to my Picasa web album and then embedded pictures from my Flickr account. It took me a little time to remember how to do that. After choosing the individual photo, I could grab the URL of the picture by choosing all sizes, selecting the size I wanted, and copying the URL at the bottom of that page.
Our house-May 09

I also played with the marker icons. I added the water icon to my river location, the hiking icon to our river pasture and a picnic table icon by our pond where we like to picnic if we're not closer to the river. I made the map public so you can actually search it by searching: cranefarm, Hershey, NE. In my first search without our village name, I discovered quite a few places named crane farm. I plan to add a few more pictures and adjust the size of some of my pictures on my map.

Google maps definitely is a good library resource, not only for people locating our library but also for our patrons. I point people to Google maps because of all of the features we've worked on in this class. My son and his wife used a link to a Google map on their wedding blog to show locations of hotels near the church.

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Allana said...

You’ve been busy! I enjoyed the map of your farm. Seeing all of the pictures of the pasture and river makes me want to come out and go for a walk!