Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing # 25 Assignment 2: Locate and edit

I like the idea of being able to edit an incorrect location but initially found it frustrating. Since I am not the only one in our library doing the assignment, I decided to check our rural church's location first instead of our library. I figured I could safely edit information for Maria Lutheran since I also do a blog for the church. I found our church was identified by its PO box so the location marker was over the Hershey post office. In addition to that listing, there was a listing for the church at the same PO box in Sutherland. I tried to edit the listing 4 days ago and hoped to see it changed this week but no luck. Today I tried another tactic. This time I added a new location to Google Maps, naming it Maria Lutheran Church and Fellowship Hall. In this listing, I was able to add the correct marker and street address as well as the blog which we use as our website. It posted almost immediately. I realized that if we wanted to claim the listing, I needed to have a mailing address so I went back to add the PO box after the physical address. This doesn't post immediately so we'll see what happens in a few days.

Our library was shown in two listings when I searched just by North Platte Public Library. The location was slightly off. I think Google must approximate how many numbered addresses there should be in a certain distance and puts the marker at that point. Our marker for 120 W 4th was east of our actual location. I successfully moved that and added to the city website address so the link opens directly to our library page. When I switched to street view, it was listing the address as approximately 178 W 4th ST when the view was right on our library. Our listing showed two images from web pages and 27 web pages and one review which was very positive.

I decided not to claim the listing but e-mailed the information to our library director and assistant director.

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Allana said...

It looks like you were successful in adding the church. I was able to find it without any problems. The marker was located north of town and not at the post office. I also saw the URL for the blog in the entry. I didn’t however see the PO Box listed yet. Could you claim the church listing for the marker that’s at the post office? I think once you claim it you should be able to move it to its correct location.