Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The power of Flickr

I signed up on the Purina website, hoping for free product offers and get occasional e-mails from Petcentric. This video caught my attention since the cat, named Yoda, had 4 ears. In the short video, the owner explained how their son had posted a picture of Yoda on Flickr. Within a couple of days, the picture had 25,000 hits. The media picked up the picture and soon Yoda was in British, Australian, and American newspapers and magazines.
petcentric: Cat Videos#V&DCMP=EMC-PETC-PETC-June09_2#V&DCMP=EMC-PETC-PETC-June09_2#V&DCMP=EMC-PETC-PETC-June09_2

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