Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm still not sure about Twitter. I definitely like following the NLC reference questions on Twitter-do you ever post the answers to some of the questions? As far as personal use, I'm not sure what I'm doing minute by minute is of much interest to other people. The search feature wasn't functioning so I couldn't play with that yet. I had created my twitter account back in July and have followed Michael and last night I added Allana. I had previously added a link on my blog page to my Twitter page, primarily to check the NLC reference questions.

I had an interesting comment on my LibraryThing post. I mentioned Visual Bookshelf and I got a comment back from Adam L from Livingsocial.com, the site behind the Visual Bookshelf. It reminded me that our public blogs are searchable. In August when I was searching for more information on Bammental, Germany, our primary destination for our September trip, my google search hit on my niece's blog about her 2007 visit to Bammental.

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Susan said...

Hi - I saw the comment you got from Adam, the Visual Bookshelf guy. That was pretty interesting. And it is a good demonstration of the power of putting information out there. I know NLC has posted pictures of almost all Nebraska public libraries to our Flickr account, and several of those photos have gotten comments from people who grew up in those communities and remember going to the library.

I saw on your comment to Thing #13 you asked how to get your permalink to show up as an actual link in your comment. If you know the html code to create a link, you can type that in the comment box around the text that you want to be a link. I can't type the code in here, because it will be recognized as the code for a link as opposed to showing up as text. If you need it, let me know. Or do a google search for HTML link code...