Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exploring Delicious.com makes me think of fresh baked bread!

I like bookmarks and I think the ability to tag them will be incredibly useful. At home, I try to organize my bookmarks into folders, but often am lazy and just bookmark them. For library use, I will probably check what NLC has bookmarked when I'm doing a reference question before starting a search myself. Why do the work when it might have been done already? I created a delicious.com account under the name of cranefarm, of course, and added the NLC_reference to my network. I like the tagging aspect so I added all my current computer favorites and added tags. I explored the NebraskAccess tags and thought that I would have added full-text and peer-reviewed as tags.
Ok, delicious.com reminds me of food so I added a photo of my sourdough bread. My son gave me the starter last Christmas and I've been enjoying sourdough bread ever since. Making sourdough bread reminds me that patience does have its rewards!

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