Friday, November 14, 2008

Thing #12: Using Librarything is the location of the beginning of my book list on LibraryThing. I think it could be a good place to keep track of the books that I've read and the odd assortment of books that we own. I primarily use the library as my source for reading material and the library book sale for paperbacks I can take on vacation without worry of loss or damage. Today I took a brief look at Visual Bookshelf from a Facebook link, another way of sharing what you read with friends.

As I add memberships to the various things, I do wonder where I will find the time to keep up with them. I'm squeezing in time to look at this at home today, but I really want to go do other things-like read my current book. I'm sure I will eventually make choices of what I like and don't like, but it is good to at least explore all of them and be able to know which things I can recommend to our computer-using public at our library. I spend most of my hours in our computer center but we don't tend to get into book talks with our patrons up there as much as when we are on the circulation desk or shelving.

Once I decide If I will use LibraryThing on a regular basis, I want to link it to my blog. I like going one place and finding my social networking links all there for easy access and quick checks.

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Adam L said...


Adam L here from, the site behind the Visual Bookshelf.

Tough choice, I know. I want to at least offer a few reasons to give Visual Bookshelf a try: 1) you can post updates to your twitter based on your reading activity and 2) you can add a custom blog widget to this very blog! Also, if you sign up via and link in your books from Visual Bookshelf you can catalog things in our other interests areas, including movies, music, restaurants etc.

That's that two cents :)

Adam L