Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RSS feeds in My Yahoo and more

I'm trying to make my life simpler. Adding a Bloglines account really just gives me one more website to open. In addition, there seems to be something in our city firewall that is blocking my subscribed blogs. I can search for blogs there but not view my own selections. Oh well.

I've opted to use Google Reader for my work related RSS feeds since we use Google calendar already at the library and I can be logged in to Google and simply click over to Reader. I keep my family blogs on My Yahoo, since Yahoo is my primary personal e-mail address for friends and family.

When I was adding feed from the World Herald, a little window popped up in Internet Explorer 7.0 with link, Subscribe to this feed, so I tried it. Now I can check the OWH feeds from my Outlook page. Very sweet!

So, you may ponder the question of whether I made life simpler using 3 different services for my feeds. I would argue that I did since they work with my schedule. I can briefly check news (I like the OWH better than my local NP Telegraph) when I check my mail first thing at work; I can periodically jump into Google Reader during the day; and I can view family blogs at home.

I added feed from 3 other people in our class and will enjoy exploring their posts and blog layout.

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Susan said...

I like your description of how you use three different feeds in three different ways. I know several other folks who have similar setups - one account for feeds related to work, another for personal feeds they read from home. Seems like a good information management strategy to me!