Monday, January 12, 2009

YouTube brings back 80's cartoons

After watching an old What's my line episode featuring Sal Mineo, I switched to the 80's and watched a Popples cartoon. My kids had Popples and watched the cartoons as little kids. Karissa even had Popples sheets while Craig had Transformer sheets. The YouTube video is a great way to explain to today's kids what parents watched as kids themselves. I haven't personally uploaded anything to YouTube but my niece uploaded one of the little movies of her son that I made with my digital camera on movie mode. She then embedded it in her blog. Last fall I did watch a library training video produced and uploaded to YouTube by an applicant for a Nebraska library position. It did not enhance the resume and probably was a strong factor in not hiring the person. However, a good video could very easily have added points to getting a face-to-face interview. Just a thought.

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