Monday, August 18, 2008

Starting countdown to Vacation

In two weeks, Tim and I will be in the air on the first leg of our trip to Germany. I have so much to get done before we leave that isn't even related to the trip. I think our dog, Zoe, suspects something is coming up because she has been demanding lots of attention. She really misses moving the cows into the milking parlor twice a day. Most days, Mulberry comes up on her own so no chasing involved. Tim says Mulberry isn't quite as eager this month so I guess she is definitely ready for her "vacation!" We'll dry her up right before we leave in preparation for her calving date in mid-October. The garden is yielding large numbers of big tomatoes. This morning we canned 11 pints of salsa. I can't do the HOT HOT salsa anymore so I used more tomatoes to jalapeno peppers. I'm hoping it will make a nice tasting salsa. My regular peppers quit producing during the super hot weather and then cool days so are just starting up again with little peppers. We still have green beans producing so we will enjoy those until we leave.

We start computer classes September 2nd so I have to have the class handouts ready before I leave. I've put together new material since our upgrade to Office 2007 so hopefully, I've balanced the material amount to the 2-hour class time. There are two of us who teach so Carolyn will have to do all of the classes while I'm gone. I have to get the practice exercises organized and get press releases out to the media this week. Back to the grindstone.


SchwesterGaga said...

Wish I could be counting down to vacation myself, and flying off with you too! :( I'll think of you lots!

Enjoy the produce, my garden is a jungle of weeds and a lost cause.

Tim and Heidi Huber said...

I can't wait for you to get here! We are going to have so much fun together and Gustav is counting down the days....just a few more fingers of counting down to go!
Love you!