Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics or Sleep?

Tim and I have been watching the Olympics every night, trying to squeeze in some DVDs on Germany when we can. I really enjoy watching the Olympics but am not quite enthused with all of the USA commentary. If we're watching events with lots of stuff in-between, we play scrabble at the same time. Our scores vary alot, but we've regularly got scores over 300 this year. Sometimes it's hard to resist playing a cool word even though the points aren't great. Twice last week, I was able to use all seven tiles in one turn, scoring over 70 points each time.

Tim picked a purple pepper in the garden. I think we will have to eat that tonight to see if this variety tastes any different. The plants quit producing during the extremely hot spell but have bounced back a little this past week.

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Tim and Heidi Huber said...

Keep up the updates! We love reading about you just as much as the other way around. Love you lots!