Friday, March 27, 2015

QR Codes: Trying before Understanding Thing #89

First of all, I want to thank the organizers of Nebraska Learns 2.0 for picking QR codes as a topic.  I could have used this a year ago!  Let me share my story:

I was elected vice-president of a churchwomen's organization.  Of course, since I work in our library's computer center, all of the organization's web duties ended up on my plate.  A year ago, I get this call; a meeting organizer wanted to eliminate printing handouts for the meeting so would I upload all of the handouts and provide her with a QR code so attendees could link to the documents on our synod website.    A pastor told her it would be easy and after all, most women have their tablets or phones at events.  I was skeptical that this was ideal for our meetings-did I mention that the average age of attendee borders on 55+?

The organization uses WordPress so I created a post with links to the documents needed and other items already on the website.  Next I googled creating a free QR code and found a free generator, saved the result and she printed it out to share at the meeting.   I didn't know about making the URL shorter so this code looks much cleaner than the one last year.    I downloaded QR droid on my phone to check it.  I saved it this time as a PNG picture and inserted it here.

QR Code
For current practice, I tried QR code generator on our library foundation's blogpost on our upcoming book sale.  This time I copied the link to embed it.  As you can see, the image size is big but it connected.  YAY!!
qr code

Then I watched the video again and followed the instructions for using Google.  The result is pasted below:

 I think I like that method best.  I haven't participated formally for awhile so I am out of practice using Blogger after using WordPress more recently.

Terri Johnson

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