Monday, September 21, 2009

Thing #28 Google Reader

With this being my second round of exploring Google Reader, I spent part of this month really making an effort to check it frequently and read the RSS feeds that I had subscribed to earlier. I then found I needed to make my list more manageable and ended up deleting several feeds that didn't really catch my interest. At the same time, I really enjoyed several of the feeds and ending up sharing them in Google Reader and e-mailing two to a friend who teaches elementary ages. Sharing and sending were my two new skills learned. I sent one feed to my blog (previous post) and a link to another to my Facebook account.

Google Reader is a great way to have my RSS feeds together but I still like to use the RSS feed ability of Microsoft Outlook. I can log into my e-mail and easily scan the subjects of the feeds after I read my e-mail. Google Reader has the advantage of letting me move between the different feeds very easily by using the left side-bar list and going up and down in the window of the feed I am currently looking at.

Now I just have to find more time to read feeds and stay more current on things happening in the world in general. Thanks Allana for your shared items on Nebraska libraries.

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Allana said...

I’m happy you enjoy reading my shared items. I’ve been keeping an eye on your shared items too. When I saw the info about the eMints: eThemes come across I grabbed it and passed it along to a few folks that I thought might find that source useful. I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything else you may be sharing in the future.