Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learning again: Thing #24

Doing the 23 things with Nebraska Learns 2.0 was not the end. Having played with so many Web 2.0 applications, it is nice to again look at them in depth and see what else I can do with them. This lesson looks at tracking what is on the web about my library and city, my blog, Flickr pictures I have posted, or another topic I choose. I looked at all of the services: Twitter Search, Google Alerts, Bloglines, Flickr,& FairShare and played with searches on all of them. I began to feel like our library didn't have much presence out there despite our website and so expanded the search to North Platte.

I decided to focus on Twitter Search, Google Alerts and Flickr as my back-up. I have been working on being a little more active on Twitter since my daughter-in-law started using it. The large church she works for has started using Twitter to get the word out about scheduled activities. I also follow the Nebraska Tourism on Twitter. When doing a search for North Platte after not finding something about the library directly, I found Nebraska Outback Twitters. Reading some of postings that related to North Platte, I had an Aha moment and decided to tweet our upcoming brown bag luncheon. Nebraska Outback RT'd my posting. Yes, I had to look up RT and discovered it was re-tweeting. I am getting so smart! Oh, I forgot to mention that I got her attention first by commenting @NebraskaOutback about one of her tweets first. She had posted about the teams cleaning up downtown North Platte today and I had seen a team when I came to work so commented. I see great possibilities in using Twitter for mentioning activities at our library especially if I can make connections with others in our area. This is my personal Twitter account, not the library's since currently the decision is to have our website and a blog only, but since I do many of the news releases for our library, there is no reason I can't mention our activities. North Platte is hosting a Chautauqua in 2010 and we hope to tie some events to this theme so I may be twittering more of our events.

5/13/09:I set up a RSS feed of my North Platte Twitter search using Live Bookmark and put it on my Firefox bookmarks toolbar so it is easy to check. I found lots of interesting tweets when I checked it this morning. Even our power company uses Twitter to alert people-this time it was to caution people to turn off sensitive electronics during last night's storm. I was impressed. I also found a Nebraska trivia contest conducted by Nebraska Tourism.

I also set up Google Alerts. So far this hasn't been very impressive. I set up a search for the library and got two alerts e-mailed to me but one was an older annual report for an organization that provides software for one of our computers to search the FC Foundation Grant database. We were mentioned in that regard. The other hit was supposed to be a travel directory but the link had an error. I also set up searches for my blog and for North Platte. So far, nothing. (5/13)Again, I received old news from my Google alert.

I also set up an RSS feed to My Yahoo for my Flickr account after I added a few new pictures. The feed shows the last few images that I have had comments on. Yesterday I put a comment on a picture of lilacs from one of my contacts (see blog entry above). Today, my feed showed comments on that picture that followed mine. I tried to change my feed to just show comments on my photo stream but my feed didn't change after experimenting.

This has been a good experience. I think I would have found it much more challenging if I hadn't been through the 23 things before.

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Michael said...

Thanks for such a wonderful and thoughtful post. As the person who wrote the lesson it's always nice to know that at least one person (and hopefully more) totally understood the points I was trying to make. Thanks again!