Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time has flown by

Obviously, I stalled out while working on the "23 Things". I spent as much time as possibly preparing for the transition to Windows Vista and MS Office 2007. Little did we know that the December recarpeting project would take longer than we anticipated. The 2nd floor wood railing overlay had to be completely removed and reinstalled before the 2nd floor could be reopened. Then rebuilding and separating the library and public networks was a chaotic process with servers failing and Vista incompatibility, etc. etc.

After trial and error and error and error with using our security software and Vista, Sara reformated the operating system to Windows XP. This has worked for the most part except for the computers locking up sporadically. We are using Office 2007 and I'm pulling together new class handouts for the computer classes we teach.

Now, I'm exploring Facebook and MySpace and even ventured into Twitter today.

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